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Hervey Bay Queensland Australia, Feed Dolphins

February 28th, 2008

At Tin Can Inlet there is a Dolphin named Scarry. You can buy a tin of fish to feed Scarry the Dolphin and other Dolphins that stop by to enjoy human company.


  1. Dov Henis says

    Genetics, Culture, Social Learning, Environment,
    Mumbo Jumbo And Evolution

    A. From “Dolphins wield tools of the sea”
    A long-term study of dolphins living off Australia’s coast finds that a small number of them, mostly females, frequently use sea sponges to forage for fish on the ocean floor.

    – “Not everyone regards such food-gathering tactics as purely the products of social learning or culture. Genetic traits and habitat characteristics may influence how animals forage as much as or more than any cultural traditions, argued Kevin Laland and Vincent Janik, biologists at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, in a 2006 paper.”

    – “Further research needs to tease out the effects of genes, environments and culture on sponge-assisted foraging by bottlenose dolphins, comments evolutionary geneticist Michael Krotzen of the University of Zurich, who studies the social behavior of bottlenose dolphins and orangutans. “Dolphins are highly intelligent and are prime candidates for social learning in the wild,” he says”

    B. Mumbo-jumbo and life’s evolution

    Culture (yes, and also intelligence…) is a ubiquitous trait in the inanimate AND animate realms. For life, culture is THE driver of genetic evolution.

    A “Tease Out” treatment of a package of genetics, culture, social learning, and environment in regards to behaviour of an organism is a mumbo-jumbo, a pseudoscientific gibberish. Culture is the sum total of behaviour in response to circumstances-environments; the behaviour evolves as enabled by intelligence, and drives and dictates the genetic evolution. Plain and simple.

    Dov Henis

    (A DH Comment From The 22nd Century)–?cq=1

    Life’s Manifest

    December 19th, 2008 | #

  2. Netler says

    Really Nice article i like dolphins

    October 7th, 2012 | #

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